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Международные грузоперевозки морским транспортом из Санкт-Петербурга - Феникс Шиппинг

International shipping company – Phoenix Shipping

Phoenix Shipping is a reliable and stable company providing services in the field of international shipping of cargoes. We provide shipping of cargoes across Russia, to Europe, and to the West. Shipping of cargoes requires firm knowledge of legislation, high competency of personnel, and a high level of expertise in this area.

Phoenix Shipping has been developing in the international shipping market since 2009. Our main directions are: Western countries; Central, Eastern and South Europe and CIS countries. We are dealing with all cargo types, but we mainly focus on transportation of dangerous goods.

Types of cargoes we are dealing with

Our company specializes in overseas transportation of the following cargo types:

  • Containers. Phoenix Shipping has several types of universal large-capacity containers for transportation of different types of goods;
  • Shiploads. When dealing with shiploads, we pay special attention to the safety of the transported cargo. For shiploads we also develop an individual and optimal route;
  • Oversize cargoes. It’s one of the most popular types of shipping, as it is the most cost-saving, simple and reliable type;
  • Assembled cargoes. For assembled cargoes we use special-purpose equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel is permitted to handle such cargoes.
  • Dangerous goods. Transportation of dangerous goods is the main business of Phoenix Shipping. Special rules must be followed during transportation, as prescribed by applicable legislation in force.

Cargo shipping by sea

Cargo shipping is the most cost-efficient and the best way of cargo transportation. We’ll select the best transportation tariff for your type of cargo. We offer the whole range of services, including organization of sea chartering, freight forwarding, customs clearance and transit procedures. You can rest assured that your cargo remains intact after the shipping. As an extra service we offer delivery by car.

By cooperating with Phoenix Shipping, you get a reliable logistics partner. We use our own connections with sealines, and to our customers we offer a unique system of fees and conditions. We’ll deliver your goods “from door to door”. You’ll be able to track your freight by contacting our managers.

Shipping contract

International transportation of cargoes in Russia is performed only on a contractual basis. Two types of contracts can be used – charter party or freight agreement. Charterparty is a rent agreement, according to which our company provides our vessel or container for transportation of your cargo from one point to another for the agreed consideration. Second type of contract is an agreement, which describes legal relations between our company and the customer.

This type of contract specifies all aspects relating to freight transportation, as well as shipment terms. More detailed information about the contracts concluded with our customers will be provided by our managers at a personal meeting or by phone specified in the “contacts” section.

International shipping from St. Petersburg

Phoenix Shipping has its own container fleet. This allows us to pick up cargoes in time, and perform urgent deliveries. We offer unique system of tariffs for cargo shipment. The main direction of our company’s business is transportation and customs clearance of raw chemicals. Please be advised that we also work with dangerous goods.

International shipping by Phoenix Shipping is easy, reliable, and cost-effective!

We work with the following types of cargoes:

Our services

Today the customers apply not only for shipping services, but more often they need customs clearance or cargo insurance services. Phoenix Shipping as part of the Maximus Group of Companies offers the following services to their clients:

A key to our success is our team of highly
qualified specialists, which will do everything
possible to perform shipment properly and in due time.